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Do you repair and supply hot water systems?



I get a lot of calls in the Lake Macquarie area to repair, supply and install hot water systems.

When your hot water system is not working, I will assess if the system can be repaired. In a lot of cases the hot water system can be repaired, rather than the expense of purchasing a new hot water system.

If you do require a new hot water system I will discuss what options will suit your household requirements. I will arrange the supply and installation for you.

Could you tell me if there are any electrical faults in my home?


Yes. Of course I can and congratulations for thinking safety first. Diagnosing electrical problems is one of my specialities and it always begins with a thorough inspection followed by sensible recommendations.

Offering the right solutions to prevent accidents is a wise move at any time. But particularly if you have any of the following…

  • Old appliances (large or small)
  • Cracked power points or light switches
  • Stoves with faulty cooking elements
  • Loose or noisy ceiling fans
  • Blown light bulbs (particularly if they keep blowing)

I will also ensure that you understand and can identify any further electrical faults and checked that your home is protected for surges.

I have several electrical appliances that don’t seem to be working properly. Can you give me a quote to repair or service appliances?


I’ll be happy to come by and inspect any home or commercial property within Lake Macquarie or Newcastle.

I will recommend and quote on any of your appliance repairs or servicing requirements. I repair and service many electrical appliances, which include

  • Hot water systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Stove tops
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines
Do you complete regular electrical maintenance checks for businesses within Lake Macquarie and Newcastle?


I certainly do! I have extensive experience in completing regular electrical maintenance checks for small and large size businesses. Checks would cover off but not limited to:

  • Test and tag requirements
  • Emergency lighting checks
  • Appliance maintenance and repairs
  • Lighting efficiency
  • Refrigeration repairs
  • Air Conditioning maintenance and repairs
Do you complete electrical wiring for a new home?


Yes, I complete all electrical wiring requirements for new homes and houses that are being renovated within the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle area.

I wire and install lights, power, power boxes and ensure your new or existing home is surge protected.

When building or renovating your home I also install or relocate air conditioning units and any other electrical requirement you may require.

Do you complete electrical wiring for commercial properties?


Yes, I complete all electrical wiring requirements for commercial properties being build or properties that are being renovated/remodelled within the Lake Macquarie or Newcastle area.

In addition to providing the initial wiring requirements, I also provide a regular maintenance program to ensure your business is achieving all government safety requirements.

Do you complete small handyman jobs?

I get a lot of calls from home owners in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas just needing small jobs complete around the house.

I am happy to complete small or large handyman jobs.  I can complete these as a once off job or a more than happy to regularly maintain items around your home.

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