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USB Powerpoint, Electrician, Electrical, Lake Macquarie, NewcastleWith the range of laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices, it makes sense to consider powerpoints with USB chargers in the average home or office.

However, you may be wondering if it is time to upgrade your powerpoints and whether it is worth the expense of hiring a professional electrician.

What are Powerpoints with USB Chargers:

As the name suggests powerpoints with USB chargers are a powerpoint which allows you to charge your USB devices directly.

The powerpoints look almost identical to a standard outlet, but in addition to the standard electrical socket, there are also built in USB ports.

This will allow you to charge your devices by plugging them directly into the outlet rather than needing to use your charger.

The Benefits:

Whether you choose to hire a professional electrician or tackle this as a DIY project, there are a number of benefits to installing USB power points.

These benefits include:

Greater Current Supply

Most tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices can be charged by using the charger for the device or plugging a cable into your computer’s USB port.

However, the typical desktop computer USB port is usually limited to a maximum current of 500 amps. Wall chargers provide a higher voltage, which means that you can recharge your device in less time.

By using a USB powerpoint, you can enjoy the convenience of not needing to use your charger without compromising on recharge time.

Greater Convenience

Most of us have experienced the frustration of a low battery warning beeping but being unable to find our charger.

If you are using your device in multiple rooms and even in the car or office, you may find that your charger is never kept in the same place.

However, if you have powerpoints with USB chargers in your Lake Macquarie or Newcastle home or office, you don’t need to run around trying to locate your charger, you can simply plug in your device.

Additionally, since most USB powerpoints have multiple ports, you can charge several devices at once without worrying about the clutter of trying to plug in multiple bulky charger units.

Increased Safety:

Professionals specialising in electrical & electrician’s services in all areas of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle have seen cases where powerpoints become overwhelmed by adapters and chargers.

Plugging in multiple charger units can overload the powerpoint, which can be a significant fire hazard.

Since USB powerpoints are more efficient at charging devices, there is less need for using multiple power adapters, which reduces the risk of an overload.

Increased Durability

Most of us are aware that chargers for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices are particularly susceptible to damage.

Additionally, each time you upgrade your device, there is a need to buy a new charger as it is unlikely that your current chargers are compatible with the new device.

By replacing your outlets to powerpoints with USB chargers, you will no longer need to rely on twitchy chargers as you can plug directly into the outlet.

The Disadvantages

The primary disadvantage of upgrading your outlets is the upfront cost.

However, when you consider that you won’t need to buy replacement chargers for all the smartphones and other mobile devices in your household, you are sure to find that the cost is quickly recouped.

If you are considering upgrading your outlets but are unsure about whether it is the right choice for your Lake Macquarie or Newcastle home or office, it is worth speaking to a professional electrician.

All Active Electrical are able to assess your property in Lake Macquarie or Newcastle and determine if installing powerpoints with USB chargers is viable in your home or office.

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