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Handyman, Hire A Hubby, Home Improvements, Lake Macquarie, NewcastleIf you are in need of home improvement or property maintenance, you may have considered hiring a handyman.

However, handyman services can be a little complicated since different companies offer a diverse range of services, so here is your guide to what these service providers can offer.

Handyman Jobs:

The list of tasks a handyman can perform is fairly comprehensive.

Generally, handyman services provide assistance with all the little home improvement tasks, you can’t or don’t want to do yourself.

This includes:


From a full room to wood trim, your project may not feel significant enough to hire a professional painter.

However, a handyman could assist you.

Most companies offering handyman services can provide a high standard of painting and decorating.


Cleaning can be one of the most challenging aspects of property maintenance.

You may not have the equipment needed to clean gutters high on your roof or remove mold and grime from your driveway or paths.

While you can hire pressure hoses and other equipment, you would need to spend time learning how to operate it properly for the best results.

However, a handyman can assist you and ensure that your property is clean and tidy.


If you need to hang a set of shelves or have a door that keeps sticking, this is the perfect opportunity to call in a handyman.

These small carpentry jobs are likely to only take an hour or two in the hands of a professional, but can make a real difference in your home.

Most handyman service companies can also assist you with the assembly of flat pack installation kits such as kitchen cabinets, carports, furniture and garden sheds.

Wall Hangings

Hanging a television, mirror or painting can be a daunting prospect.

These heavy objects can be potentially dangerous and tricky to hang if you don’t have the right skill set.

Fortunately, a handyman has the skills and expertise to ensure that these items stay mounted on your wall and are safe around the whole family.

When You May Need Additional Help

Handyman, Hire A Hubby, Home Improvement, Handyman Services, Lake Macquarie, NewcastleIf you have a larger job, you may need to check with your Lake Macquarie or Newcastle city or local council.

In some areas, handymen are not licensed to perform jobs over a certain value, which means that you would need to hire a fully licensed contractor.

Generally, a handyman will not be licensed to carry out plumbing, electrical or gas jobs, such as new electrical wiring or fitting a new gas appliance.

However, some companies do offer more extensive services and have the required licensing, so it is worth checking.

Hiring a Handyman:

Your first step is to determine what tasks you need completing around your home. Most handymen are happy to take on several home maintenance and home repair tasks at once, So, if you need a door rehung, a room painted and the gutters cleaned, it is worth asking for a price based on all the work.

Once you have decided what you need, you need to find a reputable handyman services provider.

Handyman, Hire A Hubby, Electrician, Handyman Services, Lake Macquarie, NewcastleOne of the best methods of finding a great service provider is to have a recommendation from a work colleague, family member or friend.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Fortunately, there are numerous consumer websites and feedback forums which provide reviews of businesses and service providers.

A quick internet search should reveal if your potential handymen have had any issues with previous customers. Bear in mind that these reviews are independent and some people will complain about the slightest thing.

However, if there are repeated reviews highlighting particular issues, it can act as a red flag.


You will also need to check that the handyman is licensed to undertake your particular project. Remember that if the job is large or requires electrical, gas or plumbing, you may need a licensed professional.

Hiring handyman services can remove some of the stress and frustration of home improvement or property maintenance.

A good handyman can assist you with many of the smaller jobs around your property so that you can feel comfortable and safe.


All Active Electrical is a licensed electrician so we can complete any electrical job in additional to other basic handyman jobs.

All Active Electrical is also licensed to complete all size jobs and is not restricted to any job limits for your home in the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle area.

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